Sebastian Czyżo

From a very early age, I knew that my life would turn towards aviation. I have always looked at planes with great curiosity and delight. Hence, in the beginning, I decided to study in this field. My adventure with aviation (mainly from the theoretical side) began during my studies. I graduated from the first degree of studies at the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of Transport, specializing in Air Traffic Control. In addition to lectures, we went on trips to places related to aviation. The faculty also invited distinguished guests from the aviation industry, who gave very interesting lectures on their aviation experience.

The turning point for me was the stage of writing an engineering thesis and the related internships, which I did for one ground handling agent at Warsaw Chopin Airport. My task was to develop of suitability assessment of candidates to work for the position of the GSE operator. It went so far that I managed to earn some money on it and publish a scientific publication with my mentors from the university. The internship made such a positive impression on me that I decided to work as a flight coordinator in a handling company. I dealt with the supervision of all aspects related to aircraft on the ground – from documentation to the organization of loading, fuel, all services, boarding, transport of passengers, crews, and many, many others. I was so absorbed in the impressions of this work that I didn’t mind getting up at 3 am or ending work after midnight, regardless of the day of the week or holidays, and working in various weather conditions. I was trained and coordinated flights for 15 airlines, including Emirates, Air France, KLM, and LOT. I already had contact with Jeppesen there when I brought paper charts for LOT crews. I was not aware then that they do it, among other people in Poland. Each flight was a challenge for me, a new and very valuable experience. However, it was a very demanding and stressful job. Playing tennis helped me with this – I could vent all my bad emotions. However, I decided to try something new. A friend from the Tri-City recommended the Jeppesen company. I approached it with a great distance with the thought that I would not move there, because firstly I would not get there, and secondly, I did not want to leave my friends from Warsaw.

In the end, it turned out positively, and I got in. Contact with friends was possible thanks to my MA studies, which I finished in Warsaw not long ago. I think I made the right decision, and I’m glad to be part of the Jeppesen team.