Rafał Stepnowski

He is a co-founder of C-Map Poland (established 1993), which was acquired by Boeing and integrated into Jeppesen in 2007. Rafal co-formed 3 individual ventures and, over time, moved to a highly successful and multidisciplinary Jeppesen unit of over 700 professionals located in Gdansk and Rzeszow, focused on aviation navigation data analytics, software development, research, and engineering, incl. Boeing AvionX. This location is now one of the central units of the strategic growth of the global Boeing Digital. It is also the biggest single Boeing site in the EU.

Rafal Stepnowski holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Gdansk (UG) and an MBA from the Gdansk University of Technology (GUT).

He is a founder and Chairman of the Jeppesen Foundation, an NGO focused on organized support and promotion of wellbeing for all generations. He serves as an invited professor at MBA programs in the field of Strategy. He is a member of the GUT Advisory Board at the Faculty of Management and Economics, Board of Experts at the UG Faculty of Economics, and Vice President of the Gdansk Business Club.