Magdalena Laine-Zamojska, PhD

Currently, as Lead Researcher, Magdalena has been working on the Lido solutions at Lufthansa Systems since 2018. Prior to joining Lufthansa Systems, she worked in Kainos as a researcher on a healthcare solution in the UK – a shared care record platform providing an overview of patient health and social care information from many sources in a single digital record.

With a background in cultural anthropology, Magdalena has been working on research strategies and conducting user research for complex solutions, e.g. flight planning, healthcare, and digital heritage. Her role is to obtain knowledge on user needs and the context of use. She works very closely with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that the final solution meets user needs. Magdalena is an advocate of participatory methods and design thinking, always ensuring that proposed research and design activities fit into the organisational strategy.

She conducted research in several countries for different organisations, e.g. Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, NODEM Network of Design and Digital Heritage, National Institute for Museums and Public Collections, National Digital Archives.

Magdalena obtained her PhD from the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), and her master’s degree from the University of Adam Mickiewicz (Poland).