Magdalena Augustynowicz

I am a former Boeing employee. My story with aviation starts with a passion, which led me to these specific studies. During my university, I started an adventure with glider flying. After that, I spent every summer break until the end of my education in the aero club at the airport. Regarding this, I started my career at airport handling, where I had the opportunity to see the entire process of passenger service, aircraft, and cargo handling from the backstage. Also, I got to know about Chopin airport very well.

The next step in my walk of life was working as a cabin crew, thanks to which I had the opportunity to visit beautiful places in the world but also to deal with various situations on the plane. When the time came for a stable lifestyle I started planning and organizing cargo shipments by air as an air freight forwarder. I decided to move to Gdansk to work at Jeppesen. So it’s been 8 years in aviation