Maciej Szulc

Maciej has always been a fan of crossing borders – both in sport and travelling. It appeared to him that planes were one of the best ways of doing this. He joined Boeing in 2016 as a Navigation Data Analyst. That was the beginning of his adventure with the aviation industry. Analyzing and consolidating data, allowed him to understand, that this industry, is much wider than plane crew or airport mechanics.

In 2018, Maciej has succeeded in changing his role and started to work as a front-line manager. That widened his area of influence and allowed to create a self-propelling internal educational initiative, Aviation Professional. Different pillars address various aspects of aviation, like innovative approaches toward dynamically emerging problems or equalizing the starting point capabilities of analysts with no aviation education.

At the Aviation Hub, he is looking for a deeper understanding of the aviation business and possibilities to develop new solutions for the industry.

Personally, he is a fan of travelling, martial arts and books of two contrary genres: fantasy and the literature of fact – reportages.