Krzysztof Russek

Skydiving was my lifelong dream. I have made my first tandem jump in 2011, together with friends. Shortly after, I decided to start a career in this industry and became a professional parachute packer. It was a good way to start this adventure for a young person having not so much professional nor life experience and not too much money as well.

Straight away I was spending all my time at the airfield living and experiencing skydiving and aviation from the back door. I did a skydiving course and started to jump on my own. After four years, as an experienced packer and skydiver with more than 100 jumps, I got a job position at one of the biggest skydiving centers in Europe located in southern Portugal.

It has been a big change in my life. I didn’t know anyone there. Barely knowing English and nothing Portuguese, but I found myself in this new environment quickly. I was jumping much more and met many world-class skydivers. In 2018 I instantly fell in love with Speed Skydiving. It is a discipline where a competitor is trying to achieve the highest vertical speed during freefall.

Later that year I was planning a journey to New Zealand. I found out about World Parachuting Championships taking place in Australia. Got a place in the polish skydiving national team and entered the competition. It was my first start at such a big event and a successful one. I bit my personal best and had the honor to be among the best skydivers on the planet who were competing for gold medals.

My travel to New Zealand was a time to contemplate my life and future. After a few months, I made my mind and decided to come back to Poland, settle down and start a full-time career in the aviation industry. Back then I didn’t know exactly what to do and where. I was looking around to discover what is possible. My heart chose Gdansk and my head, Jeppesen.

At Jeppesen, I am the geospatial technician in the source acquisition team. I am still a member of the skydiving national team with 400 jumps and continuing my adventure with preparations for World Parachuting Championships coming next year.

Working at Jeppesen is the best thing that could happen to me. I gained a healthy balance in my life. Every single day is interesting and challenging. I feel like there is something new to learn endlessly. Where do I see myself 5 years from now? Jeppesen, period.