Honorata Hencel

Honorata Hencel is a regional director in Global Data Management and Tools Support, within the larger Boeing Global Services unit in Gdansk, Poland, where she oversees around 200 employees responsible for providing the airlines and avionics producers with the navigation product updates for the whole Europe, Middle East, Canada, South and Central America regions. She is also responsible for the tool support for the navigation production teams. Honorata is passionate about the potential of the aviation industry and the rapid technological advancement within that domain that is driven by the customer and the market. In addition to managing navigational data tools and data, she is an active committee member for the Boeing Women Inspiring Leadership Europe and also co-founder of the regional Aviation cluster Aviation Hub Pomerania, providing aviation-related development within the region. She has completed Boeing Technical Leadership Program in 2021. Honorata holds Master’s Degree in International Economics faculty from the University of Gdansk as well as post-diploma studies certificate in Staff Management from the Technical University of Gdansk and Airline and Travel Industries in Greenwich School of Management London. She has also recently gained her Master in Science in eHealth Management from Rome Business School, taking the interest to help the medical industry with the modern technology.