Dominik Zięba

I am interested in aviation for a long time. History started with plastic models which I was gluing as a child. I am a holder of PPL(A) license which I got in Aeroklub Gdański. Attended also a glider course and I was a volunteer during Red Bull Air Race in Gdynia.

I wrote my master thesis at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Gdansk University of Technology. The subject included the aerodynamic study of two different military aircraft. Two aerodynamic study methods were used – CFD software and tunnel (localized in Machine Laboratory of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). For the tunnel method models printed in 3D technology were used. In my free time, I participate in Jeppesen Triathlon Team and Jeppesen Karting Team events. I am also a motorsport marshall and a member of Automobilklub Morski from Gdynia. I was taking part in amateur rallies (also as a driver), national (RSMP & GSMP), and international events (Rally Poland WRC).