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Wondering why your company should partner with the Pomerania Aviation Hub? Well, let us not keep you in suspense, read on!

We could go on about the benefits being a partner offers, but we won’t. Why? Because it really is simple and obvious. If you are an aviation or aviation related business then being part of this hub means being part of the aviation community in Pomerania and reaping the benefits of collaboration and the full marketing benefits. But, if you would like us to expand on it.

By becoming a partner you will


Get close to aviation industry specialists and increase the level of specialization


Build up visibility of aviation related sector by participation in conferences and webinars


Join the development of aviation-related services and products developed in Pomerania and Poland


Widen your recruitment pool and increase the visibility of your hiring processes


Increase cooperation across the aviation market participants and academic specialists to boost innovation and integration of the aviation industry solutions


Share knowledge and provide education on the aviation industry fundamentals to larger audience


Connect modern technologies with the aviation industry customers


Promote high quality aviation products and services created in Pomerania and Poland


Avail the marketing opportunities to promote yourself and the region

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