We develop airline and airport ecosystems

Founded in November 2019 by Invest in Pomerania, and partnered by Boeing. Lufthansa, Cyclad, Smart4Aviation, InvestGDA and Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, the Aviation Hub is a regional cluster of aviation-related companies in Pomerania.


What We Do

Bring together aviation industry specialists and increase the level of specialization. In return, we are able to increase the volume of aviation-related services and products developed in the region. We cooperate with academia and market specialists to boost innovation and integration of the aviation industry solutions, and share knowledge and provide education on the aviation industry fundamentals to a larger audience.


Our Approach

As 3cITy is considered as one of the top 5 locations to conduct business delivery of the modern technology solutions, we believe that positioning Aviation Hub in Pomerania will help to leverage on that potential.


Our Mission

Currently, aviation-related companies in the region employ around 1.5K people. The aim is to grow and to bring more job profiles into the region that will address the global demand for specialization in the aviation industry. If you would like to get more information or talk about ways to collaborate, please do get in touch!

Our Partners

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We could go on about the benefits being a partner offers, but we won’t. Why? Because it really is simple and obvious. If you are an aviation or aviation related business then being part of this hub means being part of the aviation community in Pomerania and reaping the benefits of collaboration and the full marketing benefits.

Become Ambassador

The Aviation Hub Ambassador program aims to recognise and promote aviation experts and enthusiasts. We are looking for people working in the aviation sector, who are passionate about sharing their expertise and collaborate with others experts.

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Aviation Hub Pomerania

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